Frequently Asked Questions: Gift Certificates

Where can I use them?

Door County gift certificates can be used toward almost any purchase you make in Door County. You can use them toward your lodging, meals, for shopping, attractions, performances, groceries, tours, and more!

Do all businesses accept the gift certificate?

Not always. All businesses in Door County are encouraged to accept Door County gift certificates, but not every business does. Some chain stores such as McDonald's, Subway, Target, and Walmart do not accept them. Please contact the business ahead of your visit to ensure it accepts gift certificates. Click here to see which businesses typically accept them.

Do they expire?

Nope! Door County Gift Certificates never expire! Previous certificates did have an expiration date on them, but they can still be used. You do not need to exchange these for newer ones. 

What happens if my purchase is less than the Gift Certificate?

If your total purchase is less than the amount of the gift certificate, you should be given cash back, just as if you were spending cash.

How much are the gift certificates worth?

Certificates are available in denominations of $10, $25, and $50, but you can buy multiple certificates if you wish to gift someone a larger amount.

Why is there a service charge for shipping?

To ensure tracking on our gift certificates, we send them First Class Priority Mail. This allows us to include a tracking number with your shipping email.

Can I pick up my gift certificate?

Yes! There are certain times throughout the year where you can come and pick up your gift certificates at our Visitor Center. If available, "pick up" will be an option during the checkout process. Check out our open hours to plan your visit. We'd be thrilled to see you!